Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sex Toys, What Are They Good For?

Sex toys are a big part of tons of peoples everyday lives. Some people use them in their jobs, and some people in private. Either way, sex toys are great for spicing up sex, taunting and teasing your partner, filling the void on those lonely nights, or just having because you love them!

The people who use sex toys in their jobs are either really exotic dancer types, or maybe fetish types, porn stars, and those types of jobs. I must admit, most people do use them only in their private lives, such as erotic sex play, kinky teasing, and that is pretty much the main use for sex toys.

Smaller clit toys are great for female masturbation, and for teasing. The powerful vibrations that most of these clit toys emit are perfect for women who love clitoral orgasms. Or try holding it up to your partners nipples and watch him squirm! For a very erotic and romantic foreplay, get him to use your clit toy on you while you simply lay back and love it.

Vibrators are of course a widely known sex toy. These were the first sex toys ever invented, and it was for medical purposes. Now days, vibrators can be found in almost every home across the globe, and theres a good reason why. Vibrators for women can be the only source of pleasure they get when their husbands are away on business or if they are in the army for example. Not only that, some women who have had certain surgeries cannot feel the pleasures of sex anymore, so they turn to a vibrator. Vibrators are very powerful, which the women can feel, returning to them the sexual pleasures they have lost.

Cock rings are useful as they help a man keep premature ejaculation under control. This is possible as the cock ring will fit tightly around the base of the shaft, and this will restrict the flow of semen. They should only be used for about 20 minutes during a sexual encounter, as they could damage blood veins by decreasing blood flow.

Cock rings also help a man maintain a strong erection. Men who have a hard time keeping their hard on strong can use a cock ring to keep the blood in the shaft. Again, only a maximum of 20 minutes for each session should the ring be worn. These cock rings are a savior for men who have erectile problems. Some of them also come with mini bullet vibrators for his partner to enjoy.

Male masturbators are great for men who are either lonely, or their spouses are away. Comfortable and safe, male masturbators are usually shaped as vagina's and made out of life like materials. They can also be made out of jelly and shaped like other things, like flowers or just cylinders. Masturbators help a man reach his orgasm quickly and strongly.

Strap on dildos are a vital part of sex play for some couples. Think of the man who is older, and just can't 'get it up' anymore. Him and his wife still love sex, but what to do if he can participate? Well, a strap on dildo will come and save the day! Strap on's for men will have a space to allow the mans real genitals to hang down below comfortably so he can still penetrate his wife and give her pleasure.

There are many other types of sex toys that have many other uses. Sex toys in general can be used for many reasons; helping an older couple who still want to enjoy sex, helping a woman who cant enjoy regular sex, a man who wants to maintain his orgasm or avoid premature ejaculation, or just add an erotic side to a couples sex life. Whatever your reason, sex toys are good for so many things, and will continue to help people express their sexuality for many years to come!

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