Friday, August 03, 2007

How To Choose The Best Adult Affiliate Program

If you are wanting to join a websites adult affiliate program, and make extra money for practically nothing, then you will need to know how to choose the most profitable, and most stable one. Considering the number of adult related websites, and how many of them have affiliate programs, choosing the best one is important if you want to see any kind of paycheck! Here are some tips to look for when deciding on an affiliate program to help make things a bit easier on you.

First of all, you need to find a website that is very visually appealing and unique. This is important because if you do not think the website is very well designed, then chances are that other people will not think so, and then they will not make a purchase. If they do not make a purchase, you do not get paid! So a website that has perfect pictures and very detailed and professional descriptions is your best bet for that fat paycheck.

You want to make sure that the site you are considering is actually a real, and professional website. If the website has an easy way of being contacted, the better. They should have an email address for customers to send all they questions to, and an email address specifically for their affiliates. Along with an easily accessible email, the site should also have another form of contact, like a phone number and/or fax number. Some other way that customers and affiliates alike can contact the site with any questions.

Now another important thing is if you want to get paid, you need to make sure the website has affiliate tracking software. This is some sort of way of seeing which affiliate has given which sale, and is important for you so you get the right amount of pay for your sales.

Now for commission rates, the standard is anywhere around 20%, and the affiliate program itself should be free to join. If you see a website that offers lets say 30%, you may think, “well that's better, for more money”. But think about this, a messy, unprofessional looking site offering a high commission rate will not generate any sales! So you won't get paid anyway! But a very clean, professional site with all the important detail to make shopping easy will get sales. Even if they offer only 20%, you have a better chance of getting paid a big fat pay check from them than you do for the messy other site.

Speaking of shopping, the website should also have an easy check out system. Clearly visible button, that works, and is quick and easy for the client. If they are stuck answering a thousand questions with pages and pages of forms to fill, they will leave and find a different website to make their purchase from.

You may want to check the websites traffic rates. If they are getting any traffic, that is a good sign. The higher the numbers are of course better, but if they are not getting any at all, this may mean they could be banned by Google. A proper website will have professional search engine techniques and optimization, and will have traffic rate.

A good selection of banners is also very nice to see on any affiliate program. If you have more selection, then you can pick ones suiting to your site, and change them up every now and then. Once you find a banner that gets a lot of clicks, then stay with that one, and you are sure to have much success!

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