Monday, August 27, 2007

Clitoral Stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are some of the most powerful female sex toys around. They vibrate strongly, and feel oh so good for the lucky girl wearing it. There are of course many different styles and sizes that are available, all with their own unique sensations. Some are more popular than others, and some are more comfortable than others, but all the different characteristics make for a great selection and choices!

Some clitoral stimulators are worn with thigh straps, which keeps the vibrator piece in place with a hands free option. You can of course simply hold the stimulator up to your love spot and move it around as you please, but the straps are there for you to b able to wear your stimulator under clothing while doing house chores, or simply just lounging around! These are a popular style of stimulator, as it is easy to wear and feels great. The nylon straps are adjustable,comfortable and durable.

Finger toys are another popular style of clit toys, as she can wear it on the tip of her finger, and move it around easily. The finger ring is usually stretchy or adjustable, and can rest on any finger. Turn the vibrations on and feel the wonderful pleasure of a finger clit toy. A great feature of these stimulators is that not only she can wear it, but her partner can place it on his finger and tickle her with it. A great form of foreplay, these stimulators turn a mans finger into a vibrating, clit stimulation, and highly orgasmic machine!

If you like the feeling of a sucking sensation on your clitoris, then a small clitoral suction pump is the clitoral stimulator for you! A small hand held pump with little suction chamber that will vibrate your clit while gently sucking on it. The hand pump lets you decide how much suction you want to feel, and usually multi-speed, you can also decide how much vibrations you want to feel.

You can also feel the vibrating sensations that you love so much while going out your daily routine. Vibrating panties are the perfect way of stimulating your clitoris while going to the supermarket, or while doing the dishes in the kitchen. As you move, the stimulator may shift a tiny bit, which will tickle your bits the right way, moving slightly, but concentrating on your hot spot.

Of all the clitoral stimulators, it really depends on your wants and needs to find the perfect one for you. If you like hands free, or if you prefer all hands on, there is a clitoral stimulator that is perfect for you. Shop around and try many different styles of clit toys. Most likely, you will love what you feel and won't even want to go without your clit toy ever again!

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