Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pleasure Balls For Women

Pleasure balls are great for women who needs a little pleasure during their day to day routines, and for women who are practicing Kegel exercises. They are placed in the vaginal canal and worn for a couple hours, daily preferably. The more you wear them, the stronger your vaginal muscles will become, and the tighter you will become!

Not only tightening of muscles, but statistically, women who wear pleasure balls over women who don't experience heightened orgasms, and are more sexually hungry in general. The way they work, is a women slips the balls inside her vaginal canal, and holds them in by squeezing her vagina muscles tight. They will bounce around inside her all day as she goes about her daily routine, and the action of holding them in will strengthen her muscles over time.

Also, as she holds them in, she will feel them hit her love spots inside, and this will trigger her to be turned on, and she will crave sex more than ever. All she has to do is wear them for a couple of hours everyday, and after two or three weeks, you will start to feel the difference.

For beginners, plastic or jelly type balls are best, and larger in size as well. This way you can keep them in without them falling out! A good way of getting them out is simply by coughing! But this can be dangerous if you decide to wear them to the super market. Imagine standing in line for the till and having a slight sneeze; all of a sudden, oops! A small ball rolls down your leg, out of your pants and across the floor! You would be so embarrassed, and that's why beginners should start with the bigger, lighter balls. Once you are experienced, move on to the heavier metal balls, which will strengthen your muscles faster and you will feel them moving around inside you more.

Some of the gyrating duotone balls are larger hollow balls with heavier, smaller balls inside. These will bounce around independently inside and you will feel them twice as much as the regular balls. These will give you more of an erotic sensation, and will make you crave your partner even more.

You can have sex with pleasure balls inside you, as long as you go very slow, and are very careful. If you are not slow, them may hurt and pinch you inside, which will hurt. So gentle goes, and you should be fine. Use your own discretion and be careful.

Some pleasure balls are graduated on a string, which makes them easier to insert and remove. Leave the loop retrieval ring hang down while the balls are inside, and once you are finished, you can cough to let them fall out, or just give the retrieval cord a small tug!

Pleasure balls for women are wonderful exercise tools and ways of getting your libido going. Try them for yourself! If you are a beginner, start light and larger, and work your way to heavier and metal balls. Enjoy the sensations pleasure balls will deliver to you!

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