Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sexy Anal Toys

Many people use anal toys for increased pleasure during sex, but not everyone does. This article is geared towards the people who are nervous about using anal toys, but want to try it out. I will try to help explain anal toys, how they are used, why they are used, and hopefully anal toys will be introduced into your bedroom fun!

First of all, the reason women use anal toys is when the toy is resting in her anus, it fills her up and pushes against the vaginal canal, making the canal slimmer. When her partner, or a vibrator, penetrate her, she feels it more, and so does he. To him, it feels like she is tighter and the canal is longer which will make sex for him better. For her, he massages closer and pushed in deeper, or at least thats what it feels like.

When a women uses anal beads, they will help increase her orgasm. She inserts them all the way, and right before she reaches her orgasm, pull the beads out and feel the sensations all rushing at once. This feeling for a girl is so great, making anal beads very popular for women.

For men, the anal toys will press against the prostate, which also increases sexual desire. The feeling of something pressed firmly against the prostate is almost enough in itself to get a man to reach orgasm, but during sex, it is much better. As for anal beads, its the same thing with women; place them inside and pull them out right before you orgasm.

Vibrating anal toys add to the sensations. They will help a mans prostate stimulation more than ever, and will send him into swirls of orgasmic pleasure. For women, the vibrations will arouse her and help her reach her orgasm stronger and faster.

There are different anal toy materials, from silicone to jelly and everything in between. It all depends on what you like to feel and if you like it firmer or softer. For beginners, it is recommended to start small and slowly ease into larger sized toys. Maybe starting with something super soft and small would be the best choice.

Also, when using anal toys, lots of lubrication is required. Using specialized anal lube is your best bet for the most comfort and safest use. This lube is water based, but thicker. It is made for the tight opening, so it is thicker and won't come off that easily. It does wash away with water, but it is tougher to spread, making sliding a toy in and out a lot easier and more comfortable.

Anal toys are great for couples who want more from their sex, and who are ready to try something new. Anal toys open doors to heightened orgasms and exciting new sensations that you will fall in love with! It is true that when you use anal toys for the first time, you do need to practice a couple of times before you really love it. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but once you make it part of your regular sex routine, you will start loving it in no time.

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