Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sex Toy Review: 10 Function Love Vibe

The 10 Function Love Vibe is one of the most popular vibrators, and there are good reasons for all the fame. This vibrators is one of the most versatile vibrators available as it literally has 10 different vibrating modes to choose from. Not only that, but this vibrators is beautiful and comfortable. The perfect shimmering, fiery red for women who love the feminine sex toys.

This vibrator makes the perfect valentines day or anniversary gift for that special girl, as it is a personal gift, and the shaft of the vibrator is spotted with little red jelly hearts! What a way to say “I love you” than with a female sex toy that has hearts on it! But the hearts are of course practice, not just pretty. When the vibrator is on, the hearts act as extra stimulating bumps that will add more pleasure to the womans encounter than the standard vibrator.

The jelly is not firm, but squishy, and slightly pliable and is laced with sparkles for a glistening effect. The core of the vibrator is not solid, so you can bend and flex this vibrator any which way you want, or if you happen to be crawling around of the floor, or sitting on a chair, the vibrator will bend with your body to keep comfortable and not rigid.

The ultra sexy 10 Function Love Vibe only requires 2 AA batteries, but has all the power you could even want. Strong and quiet, this vibrator has the word 'discreet' in mind. The loudest mode is the steady-strong vibrations. The vibrations range from steady-soft to pulsing, to a kind of pumping, to some very unique vibrations to steady-strong and everything in between. The ON/OFF button is separate from the NEXT FUNCTION button, so it is easy to change the mode in a hurry, right before you orgasm, or whenever you need to try the next one. Having different functions is perfect for women to be able to create their own personal vibrator.

Besides the hearts as added pleasure nodes, the shaft of the vibrator is deeply ribbed for even more sensations! Moving this vibrator in and out will feel very sensual and very erotic for a woman. Along with all the 10 different styles of vibrations, and the extravagant ribs, this vibrator is one of the best vibrators for feeling extra sexy, and reaching your orgasm uniquely and comfortably. The design is perfect for any woman, as the shaft is only 1.75 inches wide and 7 inches insertable.

You can drop this vibrator from a decent height with out fracture or cracking. The base is plastic, and may crack, but the shaft being a durable jelly will not. It is easy to see why this sexy vibrator is one of the most popular vibrators on the market today, and why every woman should own one! Easy to keep hidden, comfortable, beautiful, versatile, flexible, powerful, strong, supple, soft, easy to clean... what more could you want in a female sex toy! Great for spoiling yourself, or for your perfect gift, ask your man for your 10 Function Love Vibe today and start enjoying your self pleasuring time more tonight!

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