Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Anal Toys and Beads

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding anal toys and related items, so first to clear a few of them up! There are millions of straight men who use anal toys and putt plug for sexual purposes, it is not only gay men. In fact, millions of women who use anal toys also. Anal toys are not bad for you, or dangerous, if they are used properly and cleaned adequately. Also, the anus does not naturally clean its self, so if you are an avid user of anal sex toys, you do need to use an anal douche every now and then to clean out your rectum.

Those things aside, anal toys are very exciting, and will send you into a world of erotic pleasures that only they can! For men, they will fill the anus and press against the prostate, which gives a man a very sensual feeling. This feeling makes their orgasms greater and way more explosive! Once you try it and get comfortable with it, it's hard to go back!

For women, they usually use anal toys and butt plugs also because of the full feeling, which in turn presses against their vaginal canal, slightly decreasing the size. This will make them feel tighter and longer, and a penis of vibrator thrusting in and out gives them the sensual feeling, and a heightened, more explosive orgasm.

That being said, there are many kinds of anal toys and butt plugs out there, with all sorts of functions! Mostly for men are the butt plus that are curved to pinpoint the pressure to the prostate directly. Women can of course use them, but they will satisfy men more than woman. All shapes and sizes, these butt plugs are sometime ribbed, or smooth, or jelly, or latex, or rubber.... and so on..

For women, they love the big stuffers. Anything that's mainly straight, with some bulges and some ribs. Anything with texture, as these kinds are what will fill her anus and shrink her vaginal canal. She will also love the probes, as these are meant for gentile exploration. The nerves in the anus are very sensitive, and movement will arouse her easily. There are also cute small butt plug with things on the end, like a pony tail or a feather, which make a cute little role playing toy for men and women!

Anal beads are prefect for both sexes, as they increase the pleasure of the orgasm. Simply stuff all the beads inside, and keep them there. There is usually a retrieval ring at one end for easy removal. Then have sex or use a vibrator/masturbator, and right before you orgasm, pull out the beds for an intense sensation!

You can get vibrating anal beads, and vibrating butt plugs for that matter. Also, men and women alike love inflating anal toys. These are usually probe style anal toys that have a very strong latex balloon surrounding the shaft. Once the probe is inserted, inflate the balloon with the hand pump until you have reached your comfortable size. This gives you that full feeling again.

Anal toys are great for couples; you can get a matching set of anal toys or butt plugs, and wear them together during sex! They also make a great anniversary or birthday gift for your lover. For beginners, it is highly recommended you start small and work your way larger over time. The anus is surrounded by muscles, and you need to train and gently stretch muscles, or you will rupture and tear them, leading to great pain and possibly bleeding and serious damage. At the beginning, there will be some discomfort, but once you are used to the feeling, you will learn to love it! There are starter kits with small, medium and larger butt plugs so you can get your anus trained fast, safely and easily!

Go ahead and try an anal plug or toy today, so you can start loving it tomorrow!

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