Friday, August 10, 2007

Male masturbators are great for guys who need a little help satisfying themselves during their self gratification times. Made from different materials, masturbators can bring you to the ultimate orgasm, and leaving you feeling fulfilled. There are many different kinds out there, and it all depends on what you are looking for. Molded like real vagina's, masturbators are a piece of material that a man can thrust into to help him reach his climax sooner, and experience a heightened orgasm.

Cyberskin masturbators are the ones that are closest to real life skin, and they are soft and supple, and super sexy. The come in all sorts of colors and sizes, and feel oh so good on your penis. Most of the time, the love tunnel is ribbed for added pleasures. Some masturbators have a hole and tunnel for the vagina, and one for the ass, so you can take them any way you want.

Also, some masturbators come with a vibrating bullet that will stimulate you, and add extra pleasure to your masturbation experience. Some are placed in their own holes, and some are inserted at the end of the love tunnel. Also, some vibrating bullets have their own strap, and are placed on the outside of they masturbator, sending th vibrations thought the material and surrounding you in lusty sensations.

They don't have to be a vagina though, some masturbators are mouths that will mimic a blow job. These are perfect for men who love getting their blow jobs, and their girlfriends are always saying now There is one masturbator you can get that has a barbell through the tongue for a pierced blow job!

Not all masturbators are shaped like vagina's, some are simply jelly molds of other things, like a flower for example. These are often open ended on one end and closed on the other to create a suction. This means the harder you thrust into it, and the faster you pump, the more suction you get and the more orgasmic an experience!

Which ever masturbator you choose, you will love how nicely they compliment your private time. Use one and you will never go back. Male masturbators open doors to a while new level of pleasure you can not experience with one. Try one today and you will never masturbate with out one again!

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