Monday, August 13, 2007

Making Oral Sex Better

Oral sex is a great way of giving your partner something more than just sex. You give them pleasure beyond their wildest fantasies, and a reason to love you more! But sometimes, oral sex can be difficult if you are just not into it. There are a few options that can help you give great oral, and help you become more attractive yourself!

For women, there are oral sex enhancers that will turn your love spot into the best tasting thing on the menu. Many flavors from Hot Apple Pie to Cherry for you to choose from, and fall in love with. The warming effect will stimulate her while the sweet taste will get his tongue going! Simply squirt a bit on her, and let him lick his way around. These enhancers are perfect for couples where the man does not like the taste or is not to fond of the smell. It is natural for some people to dislike those aspects of oral sex, and these warming oral sex aids will help.

For men, the same idea. If she has a hard time enjoying his tasty treat, make it better! Flavors ranging from Berry to Cinnamon to Pina Colada, and everything in between are what will get her sucking! These oral sex aids may also help with the nasty gag reflex that can occur in some women. Sliding the shaft into your mouth deeply until the head touches the throat can make her gag, and this can be very uncomfortable. These tasty oral sex enhancers will slightly numb the throat, making it easier to deep throat, all while adding some flavor to your lollipop!

Not all of the oral sex aids for a mans penis will help with the gag reflex though. Make sure the ingredient Benzocaine is present, as this is what will slightly numb the throat. This ingredient is safe and edible, as it is the same numbing agent that dentists use.

The numbing oral sex aids may also act as a prolonging cream for him. The same Benzocaine ingredient that numbs the throat may also numb the penis, there fore making him last longer before he cums.

If actual oral sex is not going to happen, why not consider a masturbator that is a sexy set of lips, wanting to warp around your hard manhood? These masturbators are usually made of Cyberskin, but can also be made from other life like materials, and will mimic a blow job for you! A sexy set of lips, sometimes with a pierced tongue, or maybe a vibrating bullet to stimulate you more and get your hard cock relieved!

Also, some masturbation sleeves are closed on one end, and these jelly sex toys will create a suction amount the penis as he thrusts into it. This is also a blow job mimicking effect that will send you to the orgasmic wonderland everyone should visit!

These masturbators are perfect for lonely men, or men who crave oral sex, but their partners are not in the mood. The oral sex creams and gels are great for couples who love oral sex, or want to love oral sex, but need a little flavor, or simply want a little flavor! Weather you already love it and want to try something new, or can help but cringe at the thought, oral sex enhancers will send you and your partner to a land of lust, and great pleasure! The best part is, these enhancing gels and lotions are not expensive in the least. So go on and get your own bottle of oral sex aid, and start enjoying your partners love spots in so many ways!

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